Ensure a Safer Hotel Stay with These Pandemic Friendly Tips

One big decision you need to make while you travel is to choose the place you will be staying. Hotel rooms are crucial because huge websites are dedicated to telling others about them, like TripAdvisor, where the reputation of one hotel is put up on the line.

The most room you stay incomes with same basic features like shower, toilet, roof, bed, door, and walls. If they all have the same essential elements, what makes some great and others not much great? Let’s explore this theory further and discuss what makes a hotel room suitable.

It is not a hidden fact that the hospitality industry was the worst hit during the Covid-19 outbreak. However, many cities have gradually lifted the travel ban with new safety expectations.

In this blog, we have covered a few points for travellers venturing out for a corporate visit or leisure trip to keep in mind before you book or during your stay at a hotel.

#1 Due diligence before checking-in

It is advised to familiarize yourself with the safety protocols and guidelines of what the hotel follows before you make a booking. You must check if the safety guidelines of the hotel, like proper room sanitization and adherence to the other safety precautions, are correctly synced with the governmental policies or not. This must be your top criteria.

#2 Limit housekeeping activities and sanitize your room

Although many hotels ensure efficient sanitization and cleaning of spaces between the guests, it would not be harmful to do a quick clean, especially on high-touch areas like bathrooms, TV remotes, light switches, doorknobs, etc. other prominent surfaces.

It is also good to ensure minimal contact with the housekeeping staff. For this, make sure to keep the room clean so that you do not need housekeeping around much during your stay.

#3 Skip the gym, spa, and elevator

It would be wise to skip shared hotel facilities such as a gym, spa, or elevator with high chances of physical contact. You can request a spacious room to accommodate workout amenities if you want to work out. Also, try to avoid elevators as multiple people frequent them in a hotel, and it becomes tough to maintain social distance in such a compact space.

#4 Avoid food buffets

It would be best to avoid food buffets at in-house restaurants because of the risk of physical contact with other guests in the vicinity. If you order food directly in the room, it could be ideal for the guests to ensure a safer stay and avoid the threat of contracting the virus.

Sanitization, safety, and limited contact are just a few things that, as a traveler, you need to remember during a hotel stay.



Things to look for when selecting a business hotel

Are you looking for the best business hotel in Chandigarh for your next business trip? If yes, then hotel Akash Continental is a perfect choice for you. Check out the following things and stay focused on these things while planning your business travel.


Business Amenities


Ensure the hotel has Wi-Fi for its guests and is available 24/7. Look for a dedicated workspace when you are selecting the room. Ask the hotel staff to have fax machines, printers, and a power backup facility.


Hotel Akash Continental has all the required business amenities for corporate and business travellers.


Meeting Area


Look for the versatile meeting space or area before booking any business hotel in Chandigarh. While staying in the hotel, it may be required for your business meetings.


Hotel Akash continental has that meeting space to meet your guests and have a business conversation.



Location is the most critical factor if you travel for your business needs or corporate trips. Check for the overall distance from the airport, train station, and bus station.


Hotel Akash Continental has a prime location, and it has close proximity with all the places like a train station, airport, and bus station. We are situated in the heart of Chandigarh, and places like Panchkula or Zirakpur are present in close proximity.


All prominent tourist places like Sukhna lake, Mansa Devi temple, and Sector 17 plaza are very near the hotel. All major transport facilities are right next to the hotel, even for the outstation places, you can easily find a bus or taxi right in front of the hotel gate.


These are a few things you need to check before you plan your next business trip to Chandigarh. At Hotel Akash Continental, we care for all your needs, and we take the privilege to serve you with excellent hospitality.



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6 Interesting Places to Visit in Chandigarh

Everything about Chandigarh is enticing and intriguing, right from the fact that it serves as the capital of Punjab and Haryana. As we are all aware that it is the first planned city of Independent India, the sights you see here are hard to find in any other destination around the country.

Chandigarh has been a business center and a fantastic place to live for a long time. It is also a gen destination that is perfect for spending some time with friends, family, alone or with a special someone.

Here’s a list of a few places known to be the most exciting places to visit when you are in Chandigarh. These places will likely make your trip a memorable one.

Nek Chand’s Rock Garden

No trip to Chandigarh is ever complete without visiting the renowned Rock Garden. Whether you are in the city for business purposes or with friends or family, take some time out and make your way to this unique place.

Sukhna Lake

The best part of the city is that it also has a fantastic lake. Sukhna Lake in Chandigarh is often described as “one of the most beautiful manmade lakes in India.” The picturesque water boat has been one of the most sought-after points of Chandigarh.

Zakir Hussain Rose Garden

Located in Sector 16 area of Chandigarh, Zakir Hussain Rose Garden or simple Rose Garden will always be an enchanting place that will take your senses on a heavenly ride. It sprawls across 30 acres and gives you the best chance to witness more than 1600 species of roses and other members of the plant kingdom.

Chhatbir Zoo

Wildlife is not likely the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of Chandigarh. However, keeping with the tradition to surprise all, the city also homes an incredible zoo where you can come across numerous creatures of the wild.

Government Museum and Art Gallery

It is one of the most underrated points of interest on the list. The place owes its creation to the partition of India and Pakistan. Most of what you see at the museum was held at the Central Museum in Lahore, which was initially Punjab’s capital before the partition. However, after the split, the Government Museum and Art Gallery were established to house it.

International Doll’s Museum

It is a place where you will find something new to admire. It is dedicated to dolls and has a vast collection of hundreds of beautiful puppets and dolls worldwide.

There are more places to visit in Chandigarh; however, the above ones are a definite go when visiting the city.